Work-Injury: Philadelphia Jockey Injury Highlights Racetrack Safety

California injury lawyerSeemingly, no career or workplace is totally without risk for injury. The fact is that on-the-job injuries take place all the time. We like to use this space to discuss various situations that result from worksite injuries, negligence, or other circumstances, as well as the consequences and avenues one can pursue in seeking appropriate justice or compensation.

Cause and Responsibility

While some career choices come with greater inherent risk of injury or death than others, inherent risk does not clear an employer or worksite manager if one can prove negligence or illegal behavior caused or contributed to an on-the-job injury. One such incident is being tried in Philadelphia, PA, involving the family of a jockey and a large gaming company.

  • The family of a man paralyzed and left brain dead following a 2013 accident at a harness racing track in Philadelphia is claiming poor track conditions caused the crash that led to the injuries.
  • Lawyers have presented testimony from other track workers and jockeys that complaints were made for many years that the track featured an inconsistent surface that often caused horses to lose their footing.
  • The complaints were documented in emails and letters to the track’s owner and allegedly ignored despite years of concerns raised by jockeys and others at the facility.
  • It was shown that the race track was never resurfaced after opening in 2006.
  • A series of emails between employees and executives of the track’s ownership group seems to show little regard for complaints about poor or unsafe track conditions. Some even go as far as to insult and belittle those making the complaints.

Although the injury occurred in 2013, the trial began in early November of last year.

Document Unsafe Work Conditions

While the above details refer to a single case in Pennsylvania, there is an important lesson that applies to workers everywhere. Always document unsafe work conditions. When doing so, whether by email or some other form of written correspondence, be sure to copy those in positions of authority.

Retain the Experienced Counsel of a Knowledgeable California Work Injury Lawyer

Regardless of your chosen profession or the location at which you work, should you become injured while on the job, it is important to seek the compensation and reimbursement you need to avoid facing financial stress. The assistance of an aggressive and experienced San Jose work injury lawyer will enable you to pursue appropriate claims while avoiding the anxiety or frustration that might hinder your recovery. At Janoff Law, we rely on our in-depth knowledge and vast case experience to deliver justice for all their clients. Contact our law offices at 408-286-2300 and set up a free initial consultation today. Meet with a legal professional who can answer all your questions.



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