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As you and your loved ones get together this week to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, there is likely to be a vibrant discussion of plans to take advantage well-publicized sales the next day. For some, the shopping may even begin Thanksgiving night. The retail event known as Black Friday has been a part of American culture for many years now, however its bookend counterpart on the opposite side of Thanksgiving is quickly developing a reputation of its own, but for vastly different reasons. The day once innocently called Thanksgiving Eve by those anticipating the next day’s …
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Uncertainty surrounding a fatal tractor-trailer accident from last year has demonstrated to regulators the need for so-called black boxes on commercial vehicles. Event data recorders, or black boxes, have been in use in the aviation industry for more than half a century, and their installation on trucks, buses, and other vehicles could provide investigators with additional resources in determining what factors may have contributed to accidents and roadway incidents. 
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