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There are two kinds of on-the-job injuries: those your employer is liable for and those that involve a party other than your employer. The first is resolved through workers' compensation, which is essentially an administrative process involving paperwork and an appeals process when your claim is challenged or denied.

Workers' compensation is essential to both employer and worker, but there are limits to what you can claim. There is no compensation, for instance, for the pain and suffering your injury has caused you.

The second kind requires a third-party liability claim, a special focus of Janoff Law. Third-party claims are lawsuits that can be filed along with a workers' comp claim or all by themselves. The advantage of a third-party liability suit is that the ceiling for compensation is higher, including pain and suffering, and even punitive damages if the negligence is serious.

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Example of a Third-Party Liability Claim

You drive a truck and are hit broadside at an intersection by a truck from another company. The other driver was not paying attention. You suffer a broken wrist, dislocated collarbone, and serious whiplash and lower back injury. You are eligible to file for basic relief from workers' compensation, but you are also free to file a third-party liability suit against the owner of the other vehicle. If the other driver was intoxicated or texting, you may file for punitive damages as well.

Falls From Ladders, Construction Site Injuries, and Truck Collisions

  • How the accident occurred
  • Falling objects at a construction site
  • Struck by heavy equipment
  • Mangled by machinery
  • Truck collisions
  • Accidents involving other commercial vehicles

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