Personal Injury Suits Arise from California Wildfires

California injury attorneyThe utter devastation caused by a recent spate of fires that raged through the California countryside is now being blamed for more than just the destruction of countless acres of forest and neighborhoods. More accurately, perhaps, the company thought responsible for the Thomas, Creek and Rye fires is the target of personal injury suits filed on behalf of individuals whose lives were adversely affected by the flames.

Utility Infrastructure Is Being Blamed

A California law firm that filed suits on behalf of six plaintiffs is alleging that a spark from electrical infrastructure owned by an electricity provider caused the fires that caused damage and injury to their clients. The suit claims:

  • A spark resulting from faulty infrastructure ignited surrounding plant life.
  • The fire that is the subject of the suit is believed responsible for the destruction of at least 300,000 acres of land and more than 1,000 homes.

Losses suffered by the plaintiffs as a result of fires includes personal injury, damage or destruction of property, loss of valued personal possessions, lost wages and expenses related to medical treatment and evacuation of their homes.

Statements by the law firm representing this set of plaintiffs place blame for the fires and the subsequent destruction, injury and loss squarely on the shoulders of Southern California Edison. The suits filed aim to hold the utility responsible for starting the fires and seek restitution for the clients so they might begin rebuilding their homes and lives.

The Thomas, Creek, and Rye fires were first reported on December 4, 2017, and raged throughout Ventura County, California, and areas surrounding Los Angeles. Mostly contained by the end of the month, the Thomas fire was declared the single largest forest fire in state history.

Rely on an Experienced San Jose Personal Injury Attorney

Suffering any kind of personal injury, regardless of the cause is both painful and frustrating. When the injury is a result of some event that occurred as part of the negligence of others one can be left feeling anxious and helpless. A knowledgeable California personal injury lawyer offers you the resources to protect your rights while collecting the claims and coverages due to help pay for expenses and other losses. The knowledgeable team of legal professionals at Janoff Law conduct a thorough review of your case and pursue every option available in an effort to put your mind at east. Call 408-286-2300 to schedule a free initial consultation meeting during which time you will learn the benefits of working with experienced professionals.




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