Former Uber Employee Sues Company For Sexual Harassment

CA injury attorneyIn recent months, Uber, a popular ride-sharing service, has been under fire for multiple issues surrounding sexual harassment, including multiple Uber drivers being accused of sexual assault or abuse and Uber changing their policy regarding sexual harassment to not require victims to settle disputes through arbitration. Now, a former Uber employee has filed a lawsuit against the company for sexual harassment, sexual and racial discrimination and retaliation.

The Case

A former Uber software engineer has filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court stating that she faced “a male-dominated work culture, permeated with degrading, marginalizing, discriminatory and sexually harassing conduct toward women.” The suit also cites events such as a male employee making public degrading statements about women. The same employee also spread a false rumor about her sleeping with someone in the company.

The suit also claims that retaliation was taken against the employee when she filed two complaints about harassing behavior in the workplace. The employee claimed that she was isolated and ignored by managers and coworkers, was denied promotions and raises and was required to work long hours as an on-call engineer after she reported the complaints to the Human Resources Department.

California Laws Regarding Sexual Harassment

Under California law, sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual advances or visual, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment can include behavior such as:

  • Making sexual gestures;
  • Making or using derogatory comments, slurs or jokes;
  • Using sexually degrading words to describe a person;
  • Verbal abuse of a sexual nature;
  • Unwanted touching, impeding or blocking movements;
  • Offering employment benefits in exchange for sexual favors; or
  • Retaliating against a person after receiving a negative response to sexual advances.

There are two types of sexual harassment that the law recognizes: quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment harassment. Quid pro quo harassment is usually committed by those of a higher authority than the victim and happens when a sexual favor is demanded in exchange for a promotion or raise at work. Hostile work environment harassment can be committed by anyone in the workplace and occurs when any worker engages in unwelcome conduct based on sex.

The law also says that if employers are aware of sexual harassment that is taking place in their workplace, they are required to take immediate and appropriate corrective action.

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