Responding to Sexual Harassment

California injury attorneySome people might have you believe that sexual harassment is a rare occurrence. However, the recent avalanche of revelations and allegations coming out of Hollywood clearly indicate that no industry is immune to this type of behavior. One lesson from these latest stories is that a victim of unwanted sexual advances in the workplace need not be a movie star to seek protection under the law.

Some Signs of Sexual Harassment

It is not at all uncommon for the victims of sexual harassment to doubt themselves or experience anxiety about bringing inappropriate behavior to the attention of a manager or supervisor at work. Sometimes the behavior is so subtle the victim just is not sure. Listed below are some common signs that you or a coworker may be the target of unwelcome advances of a sexual or intimidating nature at your place of employment.

  • Experiencing behavior of a sexual nature that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Despite your efforts, you are unable to stop the unwelcome behavior from continuing.
  • Explicitly or implicitly, you feel pressure to go along with the unwelcome advances.
  • You do not feel comfortable making a complaint or confident the company will take steps to help you.
  • You fear some degree of retribution or repercussions if you speak up.
  • You feel that your gender is the reason for lack of opportunity, promotion of other unfair actions at work.

Some Simple Facts

  • The instigator, as well as the victim, can be either male or female. The victim does not have to be of the opposite gender of the harasser.
  • While it is common for a supervisor or coworker to be named as the harasser, it often happens that sexual harassment is initiated by a non-employee. Some examples might include delivery drivers or building maintenance personnel.
  • A victim of sexual harassment is not always the target of the unwelcome behavior. Anyone exposed to the offensive behavior, even unintentionally, can be negatively affected.
  • Sexual harassment does not have to cause economic harm to the victim.
  • The harasser’s behavior must be unwanted.

An Experienced Santa Clara County Sexual Harassment Attorney Will Protect Your Rights

If you have ever been the target of unwelcome sexual advances or other activity that creates a hostile work environment it is important to know that there are legal professionals who want to help you. A knowledgeable and experienced San Jose sexual harassment attorney can help you obtain justice. Janoff Law understands the sensitive and emotional nature of these situations, and provides meticulous and thorough representation every step of the way. Call their offices at 408-286-2300 and schedule a free consultation to discuss how Janoff Law can help you.




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