New Bill Aimed at Aiding Victims of Sexual Harassment

California personal injury lawyerThe California State Assembly is considering new legislation that would allow victims of sexual harassment more time to file charges or take other legal action. The effort in response to and in support of the countless victims across the state who have found their voice among a growing group of others who experienced harassment at the hands of a co-worker, boss or another individual in a position of power or authority.

Assembly Bill 1870

The California State Assembly was presented with a new bill on the first day of the body’s 2018 legislative session as part of a concerted effort to respond to the increasing number of sexual harassment allegations, including within its own halls, being brought forward by past victims:

  • If passed and signed into law, victims of sexual harassment would have up to three years after the date of the incident to file a complaint.
  • Currently, under California law, victims have just one year to make a complaint.
  • Supporters of the bill indicated that under current standards, many victims were not aware of the steps they could take until it was too late.

Related Efforts Moving Forward

Other bills addressing subject-adjacent issues also gained momentum as a result of the increase in sexual harassment allegations:

  • Rules governing mandatory sexual harassment training for supervisors are being expanded to include education on the subjects of sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • After stalling for three years, a bill to provide whistle-blower protection for legislative workers is moving forward.
  • Other bills up for consideration include one that would require panic buttons for hotel maids, enhanced record keeping of harassment complaints by larger businesses, and one that would ban non-disclosure agreements as a part of sexual assault or sexual harassment settlements.

Protect Your Rights with a California Sexual Harassment Attorney Who Will Fight For You

Victims of sexual harassment have begun making their voices heard, yet it is believed that many others are still suffering in silence. It should be known that the legal support to pursue justice is available, even for cases that originated many years in the past. A dedicated and experienced San Jose sexual harassment lawyer provides victims the opportunity to stand up and hold offenders accountable for their unwanted and illegal actions. Janoff Law provides aggressive pursuit of justice on behalf of sexual harassment victims, using in-depth knowledge of applicable laws and years of practical experience. They will seek to gain the compensation you deserve. Schedule a confidential initial consultation to explore your options by calling 408-286-2300.



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