Know the Dangers of Blackout Wednesday and Stay Safe

San Jose car accident lawyerAs you are probably aware, the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. According to some sources, the day originally got its somber sounding name from the trouble created by masses of shoppers on the day that is seen as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Over time, retailers have reclaimed the name, as, in many ledger books, black ink is associated with profit while red ink is used to denote losses.

In recent years, however, the day before Thanksgiving has started to earn a similarly dark name, but for an altogether different reason. Blackout Wednesday, as it has come to be known, is thought to be the busiest drinking night of the entire year, leading to thousands of drunk driving car accidents as revelers try to get home.

Why This Wednesday?

For many people, the night before Thanksgiving is the perfect evening to go out and celebrate with a few drinks. Thanksgiving is the rare holiday that always falls mid-week and one that is not generally associated with religious traditions. Making plans to go out the night before is pretty convenient because very few people have to work the next day or get up early for church. Finally, many see the Thanksgiving meal as the perfect cure for a hangover.

There is not much definitive proof that Blackout Wednesday is busiest drinking day of the year, and some cities may experience bigger celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day or New Year’s Eve. The fact remains, however, that countless people across the country will meet up with friends—many of whom they may not have seen since last Thanksgiving Eve—and hit the town for a night of fun.

Avoid the Dangers

If you plan to go out on the night before Thanksgiving, there are some steps you can take to keep yourself and your friends safe:

  • Plan ahead: Know in advance how you will be getting home from wherever you will finish the night;
  • Take a designated driver with you: If you have a friend who does not drink or is willing to take a turn this year, make sure he or she is the only one who drives. Many establishments will provide him or her with complimentary soft drinks as a token of gratitude;
  • Call a cab or an Uber: Be prepared to wait, as most cab companies and ride-sharing services will be very busy, but a little extra time is a small price to pay for a safe trip home;
  • Keep each other accountable: Under no circumstances should you let a friend who has been drinking attempt to drive. You should also be able to trust your friends to keep you from driving drunk as well; and
  • Avoid distracting the driver: Even a driver who has had nothing to drink can easily be distracted when drunk passengers are yelling, carrying on, or hanging out of windows. Whether you are in a friend’s car or a cab, be respectful of the driver and help everyone get home safely.

Hurt in a Drunk Driving Accident?

Unfortunately, you can do all the right things and still be involved in an accident caused by someone else who has chosen to drive drunk. If you or someone you love is injured in a crash this holiday season, contact a San Jose car accident lawyer and get help in collecting the compensation you deserve. Call 408-286-2300 for a free consultation at Janoff Law right away.



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