Chasing Wrongful Death Settlements

California injury lawyerWhen a beloved family member is killed or dies due to some sort of negligence, the grief and pain one experiences may stay with them forever. Often times the families of victims choose to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in an effort to, among other things, prevent like incidents from reoccurring and punish those responsible.

You Won … Now What

Reliving the circumstances surrounding the accidental or negligent death of a loved one is never easy, but finding that the judicial system agrees that those who you consider responsible should be held accountable offers a measure of vindication. However, that vindication can be short-lived, as demonstrated in one, high-profile case that has played out for more than 20 years.

The father of a man who was killed in 1995 won a multi-million-dollar wrongful death lawsuit in 1997, even though the defendant in the civil case was acquitted of the murder. The jury who heard the wrongful death case ordered the defendant to pay more than 33 million dollars in damages. The plaintiff filed papers in January of this year that the amount still unpaid has risen to more than 70 million, with interest.

The plaintiff’s attorneys maintain that the defendant has continually and purposefully avoided making any of the court-order payments unless direct to do so by court action. Attorneys further allege that money earned by the defendant for autograph signings should be paid to their client.

The defendant’s attorney maintains that money was used to pay for their client’s legal fees. Further complicating matters, the defendant served nine years in prison after an armed robbery conviction in Nevada.

The takeaway here is that, while not all cases and settlements are as entangled and convoluted as the one described above, not all judgments are paid expeditiously, and may require continued legal action and expense. Pursuing settlements with the help of an experienced attorney can help place everything into proper perspective.

Consider Your Options with Help from a Knowledgeable San Jose Wrongful Death Lawyer

Knowing what to do next is never an easy decision. This is especially true following the negligent death of a loved one. Knowing how a wrongful death lawsuit will proceed and the possible results one might produce is important information to possess. Working with an experienced and resourceful California wrongful death attorney will enable you to understand all the legal options one may pursue. Janoff Law conducts a meticulous review of your case to determine the best course of action and oversees an aggressive pursuit of your interests. Call their offices at 408-286-2300 to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more about your legal options.



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