Breed Bans and Dog Bites

California defense attorneyUniversally known as man’s best friend, the dog is often the subject of controversy when discussion turn toward incidents of dog attacks, bites and calls for banning certain breeds from within the limits of a city, town or county. On whichever side of the breed ban debate you fall, it should be acknowledged that suffering a dog bite is not only physically painful but also can have an emotional and psychological impact on the victim.

What Causes a Breed Ban

Usually, a pattern of attacks or one, single horrific event is enough to make groups push for a ban on the offending breed. The laws aim to restrict or outright ban ownership of specific breeds of dog, typically those considered to be most dangerous or aggressive.

At this time more than 900 cities have some form of breed-specific dog law. State and federal courts have historically upheld the legality of laws prohibiting ownership of specific breeds. However, many experts insist the laws are too narrow in scope, fail to address the issue of irresponsible dog ownership as a contributing factor to aggressive dog breeds.

What If You Are Bitten

Whether the dog that bites you is the pet of someone you do not know or owned by a family member or friend, there are certain steps you should take in the event it is necessary to file a dog bite injury claim.

  • Make every effort to identify the dog’s owner.
  • Establish the location at which the dog attack occurred.
  • Make sure that you were on public property, or legally on private property at the time of the attack.
  • Proof of a dog bite. Taking photographs of the area bitten is a common technique.
  • Proof that the bite caused an injury. Records from medical treatment as a result of the bite are a good start.

This information, along with the provisions of California’s dangerous dog statutes, will help a knowledgeable dog bite injury attorney proceed on your behalf.

Rely on Knowledgeable and Practiced California Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

If you or a family member is bitten by a dog there is a process you can pursue to obtain compensation to cover the cost of medical bills and other damages. An experienced San Jose dog bite lawyer can help you initiate a personal injury claim. Janoff Law provides extensive knowledge of dog bite laws and conducts a thorough review of all relevant details. To schedule a free consultation please call 408-286-2300 and they will sit down with you to discuss your case.



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