Brain Injuries Place Football in Spotlight

CA injury lawyerThe past few years have seen an increase in the number of severe brain injuries reported by former football players. In an attempt to understand the connection between the game and head injuries, and find ways to better diagnose medical issues as well as protect players, a number of groups have taken steps to address the topic.

Concussions and Worse

Not too long ago football players would talk about getting their “bell rung.” However, new information indicates that those incidents may very well have been concussions, injuries to the brain, that have a very negative impact on the sufferer’s cognitive abilities. However, the minimization of concussion impact or the misdiagnosis of the injury has led to a recent increase in the filing of lawsuits related to this issue.

The latest development is the diagnosis of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in the brains of a number of former players; many of whom took their own lives. Until recently, CTE was found only in the brain tissue samples of recently deceased. However, advancements in scanning technology allowed physicians and researchers to identify CTE in a living patient for the first time late last year. Many believe CTE results from repeated brain injuries and results in severe cognitive impairment.

Helmet Manufactures Work to Improve Their Product

The game’s two primary manufacturers of football helmets have dedicated time and resources in responding to the rising concern of head injuries suffered by football players. Ridell and Schutt have begun promoting research and design efforts being made at their Illinois facilities.

  • Impact testing has been done in conditions that attempt to mimic the various weather conditions in which the game is played.
  • Helmet testing by the National Football League has shown Schutt and Ridell to be among those with favorable results.
  • Ridell’s latest upgrade includes 3-D scanning to custom fit a helmet to the player’s head.
  • Schutt integrated Tektonic Plates, which help absorb impact and reduce rotation.
  • Seattle-based Vicis is a relative newcomer to the football helmet market but has 50 players wearing its innovative soft-shell design.

However, manufactures all state that, so far, the helmet that will protect the wearer completely has yet to be made.

Get the Help of an Experienced San Jose Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Injuries to the brain and other vital organs often result in lasting hardship for those who suffer the injury, as well as for family members and friends. The help of a knowledgeable California brain injuries attorney can help you obtain relief. Janoff Law uses vast resources and years of experience to research your case and deliver answers. To schedule a free consultation at which time you can ask your questions and speak with an attorney who understands your situation, please call 408-286-2300.




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